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Volunteer FAQ


How do I become a Crew22 volunteer?

All applications will be reviewed and Crew22 candidates will be matched to available roles. Candidates will need to complete a selection process that includes an interview, beginning in January 2022, and a security background check prior to the Championships. Interviews may be conducted in person or virtually.

Do I need previous volunteer experience or knowledge of track and field?

No previous volunteer experience or knowledge of track and field is required, just an eagerness to be part of the event! Of course, we welcome people who have already worked as a volunteer and/or have track and field experience as well! 

What will I need to apply?

Just your basic personal details and a few minutes to complete the registration and profile forms. We’ll verify your identity and collect additional information later in the process.

Are there specific requirements I have to meet in order to volunteer?

Yes, there are a few minimum requirements to be part of Crew22:

Age of 18 by your first work shift 

Willing to submit to background/security check 

Ability to speak English  

Local accommodations secured during the Championships if not living within the region

Participation in training prior to the event

Availability for the entire duration of the Championships is not required but preferred

Can I volunteer with a friend or family member, or as an organization or team?

The registration process is for individuals, but we will attempt to have a flexible scheduling process so you can work near your friends and family. However, due to operational requirements, we cannot guarantee it. 

If you are applying as part of an organization, please inquire about any special instructions from your organization’s coordinator.

I have accessibility requirements. Can I volunteer?

Yes, everyone is welcome and encouraged to apply to volunteer and there are roles for individuals of all abilities. We will work to accommodate your needs to ensure your participation as a volunteer.

Is the application available in an alternative format?

The digital application is the only way to apply. If you require assistance, WCH Oregon22 staff will help you complete the online registration. For assistance, please reach out to us at volunteer@worldchampsoreogn22.com

Are there Pre-Event opportunities to volunteer?

There are a number of ways to get involved prior to the World Athletics Championships Oregon22. When you register, you can indicate your interest in supporting pre-Championships events or other activities.

What is my time commitment?

Generally, Crew22 members will need to participate in a minimum of 5 shifts during the Championships.

Most shifts will be approximately 5-6 hours long, but requirements will vary based on your assigned role.

What about COVID-19? Do I need to be vaccinated in order to participate as a volunteer?

With the assistance of our medical experts and in close cooperation with World Athletics, we are reviewing the potential COVID-19 countermeasures that may be required during the Championships to provide a safe environment for all constituents. We will provide more information to volunteer candidates early in 2022.

What kind of roles need to be filled?

We have brief descriptions of the different roles that we are looking to fill on our volunteer page here

Will there be training?

Yes, volunteers will receive orientation training starting in April 2022 and training related to their roles prior to their first shift.

If I am interested in a particular role or area, and/or have experience, how do I let you know? 

In the application, you will be able to select your top three areas of interest and highlight your relevant experiences.

What can I expect from this experience?

We anticipate Crew22 members will want to be part of the World Athletics Championships Oregon22 for lots of reasons!  These include gaining valuable skills, making new friends, showing off Oregon, being a part of a really big global event, hosting visitors from around the world, and of course, receiving some cool Asics swag.  We’ll also feed you during your shift!

When do I need to complete the application?

We haven’t set a deadline to get your registration complete, but we strongly encourage you to apply right away! Interviews will start in January 2022.

I have a question that isn’t answered in this FAQ. How can I get in touch with someone who can help me?  

If you have questions that are not addressed here, you can connect with us at volunteer@worldchampsoreogn22.com.